RM1,000,000 for Startup Creation

Our ecosystem is growing rapidly, and there's a serious need for startup generation with focus on creating high quality startup founders. This programme will focus on developing startup founders with great potential, and mentoring them. Join the movement, all you have to do is buy a t-shirt!

Buy a t-shirt to show your support. You will be listed as one of our contributors on our website, and get invites to selected events.

BUY 1 - RM100

Buy 10 t-shirts to show bigger support. You will be invited to exclusive events by PixaLabs, and also have limited access to the Incubator.

BUY 10 - RM1,000

Buy 100 t-shirts and become a programmer partner. You will be have exclusive access to the Incubator programme & participants.

BUY 100 - RM10,000

You will receive your t-shirt once we end our crowndfunding campaign on 30th June 2020.

Our Experience

The team at PixaLabs has organised various startup related programmes over the last 12 years, from monthly networking, hackathons, accelerators, incubators, market access, trainings and many more...






How Does It Work?

This incubator will be talent-focused, where we look at developing great startup entrepreneurs, not just business ideas. The recruitment process will primarily focus on skillsets, passion and commitment. We believe this is the better way of creating better quality startups.


1. Application

We will look nationwide for exceptional talents with great potential to become startup founders.

2. Workspace

Selected participants will be provided with workspace, business support, trainings and 1-to-1 mentorship.

3. Living

All participants will receive a living allowance to be financially independent during this incubation.

4. Incubation

3-month incubation process to get their tech products from ideation to MVP stage, and ready for funding.

5. Funding

Teams with successfully completed projects will receive investment from our internal fund and external partners.

6. Go-to-Market

Successfully funded teams will be mentored to prepare and launch their products or services to the market.